Monday, January 24, 2011

English Conversations #3 - At the Food Market

Here are some typical English conversations that take place at the food market.

A - Hello, I'd like five bananas, three apples and six oranges please.
B - No problem (pause), that'll be $4.89 please.
A - Here you are.
B - Thanks, have a nice day.

A - Hi, I'm looking for a turkey for thanksgiving.
B - What size are you looking for?
A - Well, there will be four of us.
B - OK, what about.. this one?
A - That looks great, I'll take it.

A - Hi, do you have any avocados that are good for today?
B - Yes. Try these ones.
A - They're perfect, I'll take three please.

A - Hello Dave, how are you?
B - Mrs Butterworth, hello! I'm good but things are very quiet today.
A - I know. It's good for me, I can take my time!
B - What are you looking for today?
A - Do you have any specials?
B - Yes, our tomatoes are half off.
A - Great, I'll take six tomatoes, a lettuce and a cucumber.
B - Sure... here you go.
A - Thanks, see you next week!
B - Bye.

A - Hello. I'm looking for some fresh fish, what would you recommend for today?
B - The salmon is very good. It's only $6 a pound.
A - That sounds perfect. I'd like two fillets please.
B - Coming right up.

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