Thursday, December 8, 2011

English Conversations #5 - Talking About Future Plans

When we talk about future plans we use "going to" and also the "present continuous." For a detailed look at the difference between "will" and "going to," - click here.

A - What are you going to do this weekend?
B - On Saturday I'm going to finish my project and then go out at night. On Sunday I'm playing soccer in the morning and then having dinner at my parent's house. What about you?
A - I'm going to the mountains for the weekend. It should be a lot of fun!

A - What are you going to do after you graduate?
B - I think I'm going to go traveling for a few months. I'm going to see a travel agent pretty soon to try and organize everything. What are you going to do?
A - I'm not completely sure, but I think I'm going to try and find a job in the city. I'm not looking forward to working but I need the money! Are you going to go to the party at the end of term?
A - I think so. It should be a lot of fun.

A - Are you going to buy tickets for the concert soon?
B - Yeah, I'm going to go next week. Would you like a ticket?
A - Sure!

A - What are you wearing tonight?
B - I'm wearing my favorite yellow dress. What about you?
A - I'm going casual, just some jeans and a nice top.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

English Conversations #4 - Looking For A Flat to Rent

Here you will find some English conversations that are used when looking to rent a flat or a house.

Friend One - How much do you think it would be to rent a flat in Manchester?
Friend Two - Well it depends on where you want to live, how many bedrooms you want etc.
F1 - I want to live just outside the centre and because my friends will want to come visit me, I think that I should get a two bedroom flat.
F2 - Well, I guess it would be around £650.

(On the phone)
Landlord - Hello.
Renter - Oh, hi, my name's Paul and I saw your listing on a listing website. I'd like to take a look around if it's still available?
L - Yes, it is. Would you like to take a look this evening?
R - That would be great. I'm available anytime after 8pm
L - OK, well, lets meet at 8:15pm outside the front door. Do you know how to get there?
R - Yes, I'm pretty sure. I'm going to print out a map also.
L - Great, see you there at 8:15pm.
R - See you there, thanks, bye.
L - Bye.

(Outside the flat)
L - Hello, you must be Paul, I'm Jim.
B - Yes, nice to meet you.
L - OK, let's go in.

(walking up the stairs)
L - As the listing says, it's a two bedroom flat, with new appliances, new paint and we've just put in a new shower. It's £675 per month. So, where are you from, Manchester?
R - I'm originally from Crewe and I've just moved here because of work.

(walking into the flat)
L - So, as you can see, this is the open plan living area. All the furniture comes with the flat. The kitchen is quite large, with a gas stove and a big fridge.
R - It looks great.
L - And here is the first bedroom, with a large wardrobe and a nice view of the park.
L - This is the second smaller bedroom which the last tenants used as an office / guest room. Would it just be you living here?
R - Yes, just me.

(walking back into the kitchen)
L - Rent is paid every month, with one months rent for deposit. Do you have any questions?
R - What is the minimum term?
L - One year minimum. Then we can either sign up for another year or go month to month.
R - Good. What about the local area?
L - It's very popular with young people. There are lots of bars, restaurants, parks and shops. It's really improved over the past few years.
R - Great. Do you mind if I just take another look around?
L - No, sure, take your time.

(a few minutes later)
R - Well, I think it's perfect for me.
L - Great! So, do you want to sign tonight?
R - Sure!
L - OK, let's go to the pub across the road, I''ll get you a drink.

Monday, January 24, 2011

English Conversations #3 - At the Food Market

Here are some typical English conversations that take place at the food market.

A - Hello, I'd like five bananas, three apples and six oranges please.
B - No problem (pause), that'll be $4.89 please.
A - Here you are.
B - Thanks, have a nice day.

A - Hi, I'm looking for a turkey for thanksgiving.
B - What size are you looking for?
A - Well, there will be four of us.
B - OK, what about.. this one?
A - That looks great, I'll take it.

A - Hi, do you have any avocados that are good for today?
B - Yes. Try these ones.
A - They're perfect, I'll take three please.

A - Hello Dave, how are you?
B - Mrs Butterworth, hello! I'm good but things are very quiet today.
A - I know. It's good for me, I can take my time!
B - What are you looking for today?
A - Do you have any specials?
B - Yes, our tomatoes are half off.
A - Great, I'll take six tomatoes, a lettuce and a cucumber.
B - Sure... here you go.
A - Thanks, see you next week!
B - Bye.

A - Hello. I'm looking for some fresh fish, what would you recommend for today?
B - The salmon is very good. It's only $6 a pound.
A - That sounds perfect. I'd like two fillets please.
B - Coming right up.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

English Conversations #2 - At the Cinema

Here are some typical English conversations at the cinema.

The first conversation takes place on the phone.

A - Hello "New York Cinemas."
B - Hello, I'm calling to see what time Avatar is showing tonight.
A - It's on at 6.45 and 9 o'clock.
B - OK great, thanks for your help.

This conversation takes place at the ticket office

A - Hi, I'd like two tickets for Avatar please.
B - Would you prefer to sit at the front, middle or the back?
A - The back please. Oh, and do you offer a student discount?
B - Yes we do. Are you both students?
A - Yes, here are our student cards.
B - OK, that´ll be $18 please.
A - Here you are.
B - Thanks, here are your tickets, you need to go to screen five.
A - Thank you very much.

They then go to get some snacks

A - Hello, I'd like a medium popcorn and a small coke please.
B - OK, coming up... That's $7 please.
A - Here you are.
B - Thanks, enjoy your film.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

English Conversations #1 - Meeting New People

Here you will find a typical English conversation when people meet each other for the first time.

The first conversation takes place at a house party.

A - "Hello, I don't think we've met."
B - "Hi, I'm Rachael."
A - "I'm Paul. So, are you one of Mark's friends?"
B - "I know his girlfriend very well, I used to go to school with her."
A - "And what do you do?"
B - "I'm a photographer. I mainly photograph weddings and events. What about you?"
A - "I work at the local hospital, in administration. I'm trying to save up to go travelling to South America."
B - "I went there last year, it's fantastic. Wow, this is great. Where in South America do you want to visit?"
A - "Everywhere!"

The second conversation takes place on the first day of university in class in Leeds.

A - "Hello, what's your name?"
B - "Hi, I'm Sonita. And you are..?"
A - "I'm Paul. So, where are you from?"
B - "I'm from Sheffield, it's not too far from here. What about you?"
A - "I'm from London, things are a little different here!"
B - "Do you like it so far?"
A - "Yeah, I really like it. It's only been a week but I've met a lot of people. Did you go to the freshers party?"
B - "I did. It was a lot of fun. Are you excited about the new course?"
A - "Very much so. Although I feel it's going to be hard."

The third conversation is when Caroline meets her boyfriend's parents for the first time

A - "Mum, dad, this is Caroline."
B - "Very nice to meet you Caroline, I've heard a lot about you."
C - "Nice to meet you to."
B - "How was your trip?"
A - "It was fine."
B - "Well let me take your coat. Would you like something to drink?"
A - "That would be great. Thank you."

Now it's time for practise. Use these conversations for reading practice and use them in roleplays. Try and make some similar conversations.