Sunday, January 2, 2011

English Conversations #1 - Meeting New People

Here you will find a typical English conversation when people meet each other for the first time.

The first conversation takes place at a house party.

A - "Hello, I don't think we've met."
B - "Hi, I'm Rachael."
A - "I'm Paul. So, are you one of Mark's friends?"
B - "I know his girlfriend very well, I used to go to school with her."
A - "And what do you do?"
B - "I'm a photographer. I mainly photograph weddings and events. What about you?"
A - "I work at the local hospital, in administration. I'm trying to save up to go travelling to South America."
B - "I went there last year, it's fantastic. Wow, this is great. Where in South America do you want to visit?"
A - "Everywhere!"

The second conversation takes place on the first day of university in class in Leeds.

A - "Hello, what's your name?"
B - "Hi, I'm Sonita. And you are..?"
A - "I'm Paul. So, where are you from?"
B - "I'm from Sheffield, it's not too far from here. What about you?"
A - "I'm from London, things are a little different here!"
B - "Do you like it so far?"
A - "Yeah, I really like it. It's only been a week but I've met a lot of people. Did you go to the freshers party?"
B - "I did. It was a lot of fun. Are you excited about the new course?"
A - "Very much so. Although I feel it's going to be hard."

The third conversation is when Caroline meets her boyfriend's parents for the first time

A - "Mum, dad, this is Caroline."
B - "Very nice to meet you Caroline, I've heard a lot about you."
C - "Nice to meet you to."
B - "How was your trip?"
A - "It was fine."
B - "Well let me take your coat. Would you like something to drink?"
A - "That would be great. Thank you."

Now it's time for practise. Use these conversations for reading practice and use them in roleplays. Try and make some similar conversations.


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