Thursday, January 6, 2011

English Conversations #2 - At the Cinema

Here are some typical English conversations at the cinema.

The first conversation takes place on the phone.

A - Hello "New York Cinemas."
B - Hello, I'm calling to see what time Avatar is showing tonight.
A - It's on at 6.45 and 9 o'clock.
B - OK great, thanks for your help.

This conversation takes place at the ticket office

A - Hi, I'd like two tickets for Avatar please.
B - Would you prefer to sit at the front, middle or the back?
A - The back please. Oh, and do you offer a student discount?
B - Yes we do. Are you both students?
A - Yes, here are our student cards.
B - OK, that´ll be $18 please.
A - Here you are.
B - Thanks, here are your tickets, you need to go to screen five.
A - Thank you very much.

They then go to get some snacks

A - Hello, I'd like a medium popcorn and a small coke please.
B - OK, coming up... That's $7 please.
A - Here you are.
B - Thanks, enjoy your film.


  1. thank you for the post. it's help me. :)

  2. You've saved my day! I am teaching at a private language school and we don't use course books. I desperately needed a sample dialogue at the ticket office - and believe it or not, yours is the best one out of the first ten Google has found after the "sample dialogue buying cinema tickets" inquiry. Others happily forget things like discounts, front and back seats or screen number. Thanks for sharing!