Thursday, January 6, 2011

English Conversations #2 - At the Cinema

Here are some typical English conversations at the cinema.

The first conversation takes place on the phone.

A - Hello "New York Cinemas."
B - Hello, I'm calling to see what time Avatar is showing tonight.
A - It's on at 6.45 and 9 o'clock.
B - OK great, thanks for your help.

This conversation takes place at the ticket office

A - Hi, I'd like two tickets for Avatar please.
B - Would you prefer to sit at the front, middle or the back?
A - The back please. Oh, and do you offer a student discount?
B - Yes we do. Are you both students?
A - Yes, here are our student cards.
B - OK, that´ll be $18 please.
A - Here you are.
B - Thanks, here are your tickets, you need to go to screen five.
A - Thank you very much.

They then go to get some snacks

A - Hello, I'd like a medium popcorn and a small coke please.
B - OK, coming up... That's $7 please.
A - Here you are.
B - Thanks, enjoy your film.

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