Sunday, June 12, 2011

English Conversations #4 - Looking For A Flat to Rent

Here you will find some English conversations that are used when looking to rent a flat or a house.

Friend One - How much do you think it would be to rent a flat in Manchester?
Friend Two - Well it depends on where you want to live, how many bedrooms you want etc.
F1 - I want to live just outside the centre and because my friends will want to come visit me, I think that I should get a two bedroom flat.
F2 - Well, I guess it would be around £650.

(On the phone)
Landlord - Hello.
Renter - Oh, hi, my name's Paul and I saw your listing on a listing website. I'd like to take a look around if it's still available?
L - Yes, it is. Would you like to take a look this evening?
R - That would be great. I'm available anytime after 8pm
L - OK, well, lets meet at 8:15pm outside the front door. Do you know how to get there?
R - Yes, I'm pretty sure. I'm going to print out a map also.
L - Great, see you there at 8:15pm.
R - See you there, thanks, bye.
L - Bye.

(Outside the flat)
L - Hello, you must be Paul, I'm Jim.
B - Yes, nice to meet you.
L - OK, let's go in.

(walking up the stairs)
L - As the listing says, it's a two bedroom flat, with new appliances, new paint and we've just put in a new shower. It's £675 per month. So, where are you from, Manchester?
R - I'm originally from Crewe and I've just moved here because of work.

(walking into the flat)
L - So, as you can see, this is the open plan living area. All the furniture comes with the flat. The kitchen is quite large, with a gas stove and a big fridge.
R - It looks great.
L - And here is the first bedroom, with a large wardrobe and a nice view of the park.
L - This is the second smaller bedroom which the last tenants used as an office / guest room. Would it just be you living here?
R - Yes, just me.

(walking back into the kitchen)
L - Rent is paid every month, with one months rent for deposit. Do you have any questions?
R - What is the minimum term?
L - One year minimum. Then we can either sign up for another year or go month to month.
R - Good. What about the local area?
L - It's very popular with young people. There are lots of bars, restaurants, parks and shops. It's really improved over the past few years.
R - Great. Do you mind if I just take another look around?
L - No, sure, take your time.

(a few minutes later)
R - Well, I think it's perfect for me.
L - Great! So, do you want to sign tonight?
R - Sure!
L - OK, let's go to the pub across the road, I''ll get you a drink.


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